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READ THiS! if U DonT thInk FacebOOk is bs…

CongratUlationS…u cAn sEE through the windOws oF the fUtURe!! Social NetwOrking siteS r gReat in sOO maNy wayS


They aRe MiRrOrs 2 Ur sOuL…WindOws tO the WhOle WOrld


a plAce 4 SelF~expreSSion & diScoverY


*tHInk outSide of the boX n recOgnize thaT LIFE iS fulL of symbolS & STUFF**


U can take advantage Of thinGs and lOOk for moRe...




If uLL Open Ur i’S…


sEe the starS* on Ur Friends List & watch them grOW n sparKle**


ThrOugh a maGnifyNG gLASs!!!


Apply yourSelf in everY littLe thing u chOose II dO Do DO


lisTen CAREfulLy & WAtch oTHErs 2 fINd the inSIde scOOp


you are only freE if you were Once chaineD^


paSs this mesSage howeVer yOu choOse: Lead By ExampLe or giVe sOmeOne i’s CREAM ;-P


Take the tIme tO rEA(a)d and cryy AND wrITe aNd laFF anD SMiLe N DaNcE n pOke…whaTEVER we aLL dO!!


LiFe’S yUmmy…deLicioUS…beaUtiful…raIny & SUnnY!!




(The onLy ThiNG I can’T chanGe VirtUalLy iS the cOlOr of my tiTLe…)


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