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The Best Of Blogs And War

One good thing about the war in Iraq is the emergence of bloggers who offer new perspectives on what troops and their families are experiencing. Soldiers on the front line, veterans, spouses and Iraqi’s are broadcasting news like never before on their blogs, and it’s becoming easier for U.S. citizens to imagine the war. Television, radio and print mediums have never offered raw war news like bloggers are doing today. If you want to hear personal war stories and see pictures, all you have to do is search.

Here’s a piece of bad news: Operational Security (OPSEC) wants to censor all blog and message board posts done by American soldiers in Iraq. Censored war news in a free nation sounds like a contradiction and makes me question the integrity of America’s leaders. Nearly $600 billion has been spent on this war and American soldiers are suffering physically and mentally every day. It doesn’t look like the war is coming to an end anytime soon, so U.S. citizens deserve an inside scoop, don’t you think?


Here’s the best news: It’s nearly impossible to censor all insiders and embedded bloggers. Many American soldiers feel a need to share their experiences in Iraq and broadcast the desire to return home, regardless of traditional war procedures. And most importantly, blogging may be the best form of therapy that troops and concerned U.S. citizens can look forward to.


This American soldier describes the haunting images that the war has left in his mind, and his wife blogs about her painful experience at home. The soldier points out that if it weren’t for enlisting in the military, he wouldn’t have published an award-winning and informative blog and book about the war. Timing is everything and President Bush needs to rethink the idea of war during this information/technology boom.


Needless to say, the best news about this war is the bad news that has come to the surface from the soldiers and Iraqi’s. We don’t need to be deceived by professional reporters and journalists who study how to stay on the fence in their news briefs and objective articles. We should listen to the thoughts and stories of both American troops and Iraqi’s…maybe this will get us a little closer to the truth about our government.




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