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READ THiS! if U DonT thInk FacebOOk is bs…

CongratUlationS…u cAn sEE through the windOws oF the fUtURe!! Social NetwOrking siteS r gReat in sOO maNy wayS


They aRe MiRrOrs 2 Ur sOuL…WindOws tO the WhOle WOrld


a plAce 4 SelF~expreSSion & diScoverY


*tHInk outSide of the boX n recOgnize thaT LIFE iS fulL of symbolS & STUFF**


U can take advantage Of thinGs and lOOk for moRe...




If uLL Open Ur i’S…


sEe the starS* on Ur Friends List & watch them grOW n sparKle**


ThrOugh a maGnifyNG gLASs!!!


Apply yourSelf in everY littLe thing u chOose II dO Do DO


lisTen CAREfulLy & WAtch oTHErs 2 fINd the inSIde scOOp


you are only freE if you were Once chaineD^


paSs this mesSage howeVer yOu choOse: Lead By ExampLe or giVe sOmeOne i’s CREAM ;-P


Take the tIme tO rEA(a)d and cryy AND wrITe aNd laFF anD SMiLe N DaNcE n pOke…whaTEVER we aLL dO!!


LiFe’S yUmmy…deLicioUS…beaUtiful…raIny & SUnnY!!




(The onLy ThiNG I can’T chanGe VirtUalLy iS the cOlOr of my tiTLe…)


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Yes, There Is An i In Team!


Thanks to It’s all about who you know… and Shel Israel’s comment on my last post, I found an i in team…iTeam! Why shouldn’t we recognize that every team has an i? Israel worked 17 hours a day for 6 months on Naked Conversations, and I initially referred to the book in my last post as if he had nothing to do with it, dismissing his collaboration with Scoble. My apologies!


i’s are an important part of the team and here is a little breakdown: Look at Facebook, a young team of networkers. Each networker created a personal account and profile, once upon a time, and then searched for Friends after his/her Facebook

skin was ready to be presented to a community of people. Without individuals, Facebook would be nothing and there would be no platform and no applications. Lucky for the network, i’s have come together to form Facebook and users like me get no financial credit. We do, however, get the privilege of creating our own groups and applications, and we’re connected to everyone on our Friends List.


Those of us who have jobs are definitely lucky. Some people use their Friends to get jobs, thinking that It’s all about who you know… Actually, the assertion could be true considering all the corporate relationships today…just look at all of Google’s Friends!


Collaborations are part of business and it looks like Signe gets the idea, since she’s on tour with a Pakistani pop-star and all. Hopefully she knows that she’s a star no matter how much exposure she gets. In a world where money consumes the minds of nearly everyone, I think we should think about the implications and responsibilities of the little tiny i. Forget about what everyone told you, I see an i in Team, don’t you? Seriously though, I see that little i EVERYWHERE.

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