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Lessons From A Black Brat

Sooooo, I spent Thanksgiving 2007 visiting friends in Indianapolis and family in Chicago.  What kind of soul would go on vacation just before the end of semester 1 in Graduate School? 


I don’t know about you, but I dread the question, “Where are you from?”  Moving from Maryland, to California, to Indiana, to North Carolina, and back to Maryland I don’t have a place to call home.  Don’t get it twisted though…I’m not a Military Brat and this is not a Pitty Party! 


I won’t use this blog to tell my life story, but rather to share the lessons of my journeys and to shed a LITTLE light on the people they call Brats.  Brats sacrifice a home for priceless experiences and rich memories.  An assortment of cultures, values, trends and behaviors result in a mixed-breed like none other!  Brats may be odd, but we have an interesting perspective on travelling and meeting people from various backgrounds.


Here are some lessons I’ve learned …


San Diego, California:  There is no perfect place.  Sunny Diego comes close to perfection with its mild weather and gorgeous mountains and valleys, but there are earthquakes, wild fires and serious droughts.


West Lafayette, Indiana:  To be a part of the minority can be beneficial.  At times I felt awkward because I was the only black girl in sight and the culture of most of my peers didn’t mesh well with mine.  From this I’ve learned to be independent, fearless and able to adapt to the most uncomfortable situations…you won’t catch me following the crowd!


Raleigh, North Carolina:  The dirty south is so fresh and so clean.  Yep, North Carolina, among other southern states, is making some major contributions to society in terms of education for African-Americans.  Living in Cary, NC, I was 20 minutes away from THREE Historically Black Colleges/Universities.  I loved being surrounded by black folks who challenge stereotypes!


Baltimore County, Maryland:  Originality is the key to enjoying life.  Black people in the Baltimore area do not care what other people think.  Some speak a different dialect of the English language–For instance, they say DUG when they mean DOG.  Known for their own sense of style, people in Baltimore have taught me to truly value my own original ideas.


Soooooooooo, when I’m really stressed out, revisting the places that have helped to develop my character is the BEST MOTIVATION EVER!      




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