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O For Obama

Barack Obama’s campaign is imaginative.  With the support of Oprah he’s got a strong position in the race for presidency.  Oprah is one of the wealthiest people in the world and she’s influenced millions of people, so what does this mean for Obama?


I must admit that I’m SHOCKED that Oprah has endorsed Obama, but I admire her political stance.  She’s careful not to bash other candidates through her support for Obama (yes, I admire this from a PR perspective).  She says, “I have great respect for Hillary Clinton…Because I am for Barack does not mean I am against Hillary or anybody else.” 


This is Oprah’s first move in the political arena and that means a lot for Obama.  Obviously she doesn’t jump at the opportunity to substantially support presidential candidates, so Oprah fans can trust her decision, right?  She highlights her personal relationship with Obama and declares that she trusts his mission. 


Will the woman who has started the most popular television show in history support Obama all the way to the White House?  It’s very possible considering Oprah’s large audience of people who will shop anywhere she tells them to and even READ any book that makes it on her show.  Everyone knows Oprah is a powerhouse, including herself.  She says of Obama, “I think that my value to him, my support of him, is probably worth more than any check.”


On the flip side, I can’t help but wonder what affect this will have on Oprah’s audience.  How many people are ready for her to support a black presidential candidate?  The word on the street is that Oprah caters to a large amount of rich, white Americans.  However, Oprah has a kind of appeal that no one can hate on.  So she’s proved it once again…O can get away with anything!


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