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Backup Post And A Little Jambalaya


Before I dig any further, I must admit that I’m a little overwhelmed with the integration of all this new technology into our daily lives and that’s why my last post may have seemed a little scattered. Jumping from my iPhone, to iGoogle, to gamers and bloggers so quickly, when each of them need an entire blog, I’m looking for more time and faster, more efficient technology and losing references of focus. Everywhere I click, there’s a blogger and OMG I’m one of them!


Today’s media has a new flavor. There has always been a little sugar and salt, but bloggers are adding a new spice called Opinion to daily news. Just like the great selection of salads at McDonald’s, I’m loving it! ;-P The best thing about blogging is knowing that there is no official rule book, so that huge cloud of objectivity is thrown out of the window. Opinion matters because it’s spicy and people want that extra taste, like hot sausage in jambalaya.


That’s why I think is smart to feature bloggers on its site, in the mix with so-called objective news articles. Readers want to know key issues and bloggers are giving it to them, so why shouldn’t take advantage of this as a company on a mission to share news with the public? Getting too caught up in objectivity, as many journalists and readers have done, can be an obstacle in the search for the truth. I won’t get into the popping ethical issues with all this on our stomachs, just yet.


Today’s is like a steaming bowl of New Orleans jambalaya with thousands of baby spoons. Bloggers are everywhere, discussing political campaigns, health issues and other issues in the media. In fact, I sometimes get articles confused with blogs, so forget it and just give me the whole bowl because it’s all going to the same place anyway, right?


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