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I can’t seem to get off this Wikipedia topic.  I’ve been depending on it as a pretty reliable source for getting quick information on things I’m unfamiliar with, and since I felt a need to defend the site, I was so glad to read the October 16th posting, Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Period.


Research doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, laborious and time consuming, thanks to the Internet and Wikipedia.  When someone mentions the Baltimore Speakers Series and you don’t know what she is referring to, look it up on Wikipedia and see if it’s up there.  Who knows and who knows what else?  That’s the beauty of this thing.


We are all looking for information, and a team effort in the digital world is revolutionary.  Wikipedia is a huge collection of topics, information and links that should be available to all of us.  Sure, there are grammatical errors and other disruptions, but in the big window Wikipedia is a great source and I love it.  Sure, it forces us to look for other resources because of all that “truthiness” stuff.  But shouldn’t we be digging and getting different perspectives from different resources anyway?  I think so.


With RSS feeds kicking into high gear, consistently giving information to individuals on select topics, the need to search isn’t so apparent.  But let Wikipedia remind us all that we can’t forget about Google!


At the rate we’re moving today in terms of technology, language, medical advancements, etc., it’s about time we develop a public database and work as a team to document a collection of valuable information that’s easy to access and update.  I struggled with Wikipedia’s self-proclamation, “The Free Encyclopedia,” for a long time, but it all makes perfect sense to me now.  Imagine a free encyclopedia that is constantly used, edited, discussed and updated as often as a status changes in the world of Facebook.


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