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Why NC Central University Should Step Up the Wikipedia Game

As an NCCU alumna, I’d like to see my alma mater rise above the stereotypes of Historically Black Colleges/Universities and Wikipedia.  NC Central is a nationally accredited university with one of the best Law School’s in America and an award winning print and online campus newspaper, Campus Echo.  With such a strong focus on community service and a clear mission to prepare students academically and professionally to become leaders, NCCU should definitely step up the Wikipedia game.


While analyzing the edits contributed by people who are connected to NCCU, I found plenty of disruptions, including grammatical errors and silly insertions.  Central’s disturbances to Wikipedia stand out since there are only 168 contributions from the school—not many compared to neighboring school, Duke University, which is connected to over 10,000 contributions. 


NCCU is a leading, influential university and even though we can’t fully trust the site, Wikipedia should be taken seriously given its popularity.  Tons of people rely on information from Wikipedia, so the site is yet another dimension of learning, a community movement, where good character and integrity win.  Corrupting information on Wikipedia related to the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Decolonization should not be part of NC Central’s agenda because it misrepresents the university. 


In fact, it doesn’t appear that NCCU has an agenda regarding Wikipedia.  Even though the school’s page is part of Wikipedia Project University, Project Durham, and Project North Carolina, Central has made no major efforts to get its ‘Start-Class’ rated page up to par.  Only 12 small contributions to the academics, external links, notable alumni and executives sections have been made to NCCU’s page, by NCCU. 


Most NC Central contributions to Wikipedia focus on updating the pages of hip-hop and r&b artists, producers and songs.  That’s cool, but thank goodness no one judges NCCU’s priorities based on Wikiscanner evidence!  I felt a sigh of relief when I came across two cases of NCCU edits that removed vandalism/profanity.  I was also impressed with the edits made to Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport since they support Project North Carolina.


So, in an effort to make Wikipedia a more trustworthy site and to instill internet etiquette (still a new concept) in all students who attend my alma mater, North Carolina Central University should value its opportunities on Wikipedia and take charge.  The Campus Echo has started an excellent path for NCCU’s credibility online, but I think it’s time for us Eagles to spread our wings. 




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