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Do You See Any Signs of a World Wide War?

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said to Congress, “war is not only being fought on the ground in Iraq but also in cyberspace.”  If we’re not smart, this world wide web could become a world wide war.  I’m talking about internet addicts and dummies-everyone in the whole wide world needs to watch out. And what about older people who are not computer literate and, therefore, less informed about the dynamics of the internet?  Do these people, as well as the addicts’, simply believe what political elites tell them?  Or do they think for themselves?   


People are using the internet in China, Korea, the Phillipines and Africa.  There are people online all around the world sending quick messages and getting information fast on computers, laptops, hand held devices and ear pieces.  This is really changing our behavior as human beings.  Many of us are running out of patience, sharing our private information, and becoming literally attached to the web and lost in the world of cyberspace. 


Wow, U.S. forces are on a mission to attack Iraq’s internet connection!  But internet connections can be restored at the click of a mouse and Iraq continues to use the web as a major media outlet, just as other countries do.  The U.S. is pretty bold to try to cut the wires of the world wide web, don’t you think?

It looks to me like we need to work at creating some type of massive understanding of www.  The Bill of Rights for the Internet would be a good start at laying out laws for this messy web.  At least people in the United States would feel a little more comfortable about their personal rights and information online.  But all I can really see is potential of a bigger problem in the distance.


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  1. I like the topic of your post, Kia. The US fits the high school bully archetype–most feared, least friended. Is that anti-American of me? I hope not. It may not sound like it, but there are things I genuinely love about this country–freedom of religion and speech. Still, we regard other countries as second rate and bare down on them like wasps on sticky, sweet flesh. We do it because of this manifest destiny power-trip we can’t seem to put down. It’s revolting. Very thought provoking. Gimmie some more!

    Comment by blurredabsolutes | October 16, 2007 | Reply

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