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Should we be afraid of Google? With its huge information database and variety of applications, like Gmail and Google Earth, the company has broken a lot of ground since its public launch in 2004. Google Web Search holds 50.8 % of the market share over Yahoo and Live Search. Many would argue that people are becoming dependent on Google and losing their privacy at the same time.


We have to be careful not to mistake Google for the only web search, or else our perception of news and information will be limited. There are plenty of other search engines out there and if we take advantage of as many as possible, a dependency on this technology will be helpful. John Battelle breaks down the power of search engines, which he calls the source of intentions, in The Search, but he focuses on Google because the company is setting high standards.


The Search makes a good case for the possibility of Google to become the main source of information for everyone. Partnered with NASA Ames Research Center, Sun Microsystems and Time Warner’s AOL, there’s no telling what Google will try to pull off in the years to come.


I assume that there is nothing I can’t research using Google’s search engine. It’s a quick way to get select information, so I use it as questions come up throughout each day because the home webpage is and convenient.


Here’s a list of useful Google tools and applications…


Google Web Search


Google Maps

Google Maps API

Google Earth

Video Search

Image Search





How to…

World Clocks








Sure, there are some privacy matters that Google has to address in terms of pulling information into its database that one may not want to be there and protecting social security numbers and financial information, but the bottom line is taking advantage of such a large source of information is beneficial. After all, Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google’s website does just that, allowing users to personalize their Google home page so that news and information related to selected topics is brought to the forefront and to search through queried blogs, videos, images and more.


There is also talk about Google branching out into the social networking world in competition with Facebook and MySpace, using its Earth application. Google Earth, in short, allows users to see different locations of the world from the perspective of a satellite on their personal computer screens. I imagine that combining the Earth application with a social network will create a new set of privacy issues to worry about.

The fact is Google has the potential to branch off in many different directions with Earth and all of its other features that I have listed above.


Don’t be scared of getting linked into Google. Instead, focus on personal integrity, the value of networking, and take advantage of the information that Google provides..



September 26, 2007 - Posted by | Blog, Blogroll, Google, The Search

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