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3 Reasons Why Facebook Is Out of Control


If you are not already on Facebook, you might want to get with the program while it’s free and before it becomes too complex for nonusers to try and understand. Over 34 million people are members of Facebook and speak a foreign language to nonmembers who are simply trying to keep up with the name of the social internet website. I’ve heard, “What is it, myface, spacebook, facebook?”

Facebook is constantly evolving and as a member myself, I don’t know all the perks because it’s updated frequently and new applications are added daily. Facebook has become something like an addiction for many users and when compared to its launch in 2004 as a tool to connect Harvard University students with each other, Facebook is a networking community gone wild and here’s why.


The Facebook Platform


There are over 3,500 applications on Facebook that allow members to personalize their pages and interact with friends. Top Friends is very popular, allowing users to display favorite friends on their page. And the Moods application is fun too, because it allows users to update how they’re feeling using visuals.


But if all you want to do is display your mood, pictures and friends’ profiles then you might want to stick to Myspace. (Obviously, I’m a Facebook fan.)


The Facebook Platform, available since May 24 of this year opened a huge door to a gigantic space for facebook members and developers. Facebook Platform gives a template for developing applications that use Facebook features. This means companies can expand their relationship with consumers to the walls of Facebook, but only if they can come up with applications that get the attention of target users.


Marketers have a new option, but it won’t be that easy to stand out in the midst of thousands of other applications that users can choose from. This is where the chaos goes into overdrive because the life span of a Facebook application on a member’s page varies while users are constantly updating and upgrading their pages by downloading and deleting applications as their moods change.


The Facebook Platform makes way for who knows how many more applications that will continue to advance as companies are able to modify the website with new technology. I’m sure there are a few users out there who ignore notices of new applications and stick to traditional “facebooking,” but I’d bet they’ll get suckered into at least one of the thousands that poke them the right way.


RSSReally Simple Syndication


Facebook is now using RSS with more than its news and mini-feeds that keep users up to speed with activity on their networks. The website allows companies to use RSS to determine target Facebook users and to send their messages through creative applications and advertising.


Members can add applications like RSSBook to their profile, which gives a directory of news and information feeds that users can subscribe to. And this is only the beginning of the Facebook community and RSS.


SMSShort Messaging Service


SMS allows Facebook members to send and receive cellular text messages from their page, and companies like Intomobile are taking advantage of this technology while users now have the option of being available to facebook friends even when not logged on to the website.


SMS along with RSS feeds and the Facebook Platform are stretching the capabilities of Facebook and there is plenty of space to roam. The bottom line is facebook continues to get trickier and more complex each day. It’s a networking playground and I plan to keep up with its advancements, as well as those of other social networking websites because I’m curious to know what millions of people are getting themselves into.







September 13, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll, Facebook, Myspace, Social Network


  1. Facebook is out of control…or maybe Facebook users are out of control, either way it’s addictive and I love it! I just have one question, what was I doing before Facebook?? My life must have been totally out of wack. I knew that Facebook was getting out of control when I found that application that allows me to virtually play with someone, I believe it’s called SuperPoke. Now not only can I browse through pictures and chat with old friends but I can also irritate people by poking them! How cool is that?? I look at it like this, if you want to “keep up with the Jones’ log onto Facebook. If you have a talent such as modeling, singing or rapping I think Myspace is the perfect place! They are both great social networking environments but Facebook is DEFINITELY out of control!!!!!

    Comment by Aja Lucas | November 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. Ok, yes I have to admit that I do like facebook more than myspace. Facebook was great when it surfaced on my campus in my undergraduate years because it was strickly for college students. Presently facebook is still great but in my opinion some things are unnecessary. Faceboook has added a lot of applications, such as the super poke. First of all I always wondered what was the purpose of poking someone when you could send a message and say hey. Now a super poke, I just don’t understand the purpose of that at all. Thankfully facebook has not gotten like myspace for this reason facebook stays afloat among social networking sites. Maybe I’m just a simple person but I like facebook now and I liked it even better two years ago.

    Comment by ashm1 | December 5, 2007 | Reply

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